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Is Sanitizing your bin Important?

Most of us have learned to accept bin odour as just another fact of life. We pile all our waste into a container and then let it bake and fester in the sun all week until collection time. So, the smell exists, and there’s nothing we can do about it, right? Wrong. Not only can you do something about it, but you also should.

  •  Why is Bin Cleaning Important?

For business operators: Despite the obvious appeal of having a bin that no longer reeks every time you lift the lid, there are health and safety issues that require you to be more conscientious about bin cleaning. This is especially important for commercial premises, as it is an Occupational Health and Safety issue. Under the rules and regulations of local Councils and the Environment Protection Act of 1970, businesses are responsible for ensuring that their bins are kept clean and odourless. Unapproved cleaning methods that result in polluted waters can incur costly penalties.

For homeowners: Bin cleaning will not only relieve the smell of your waste containers; it is also a preventative measure against diseases in and around your bin which can be hazardous to your health.

Rodents attracted to the odour of decaying material can increase the risk and presence of Tuberculosis and Weils disease. As well as rats and mice, flies and cockroaches will also be attracted to your waste material and can act as distribution systems for germs.

Dirty bins are also a breeding ground for bacteria such as Salmonella, E Coli, and Listeria. These types of bacteria and many more actually begin to grow within hours of discarding leftover food. These are some of the same bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

There is potential for you to be in contact with these bacteria when you take out the trash, and without realizing you may reintroduce these germs back into your house. Research has also shown that simply inhaling the rotting smell in your bin can contain bacteria which can trigger allergic reactions such as asthma.

If your bin smells, germs and bacteria are already present.

  •  What can you do about this?

The solution is simple. Get your bin regularly cleaned. Bin cleaning will maintain hygiene, remove odour, and prevent the spread of disease and bacteria and migration of vermin to your garbage container.

Get in touch with us today and start having your bin cleaned regularly!